The Jedi Report: Return Of The Jedi
Av Jedimaster, 30. August 2011 13:25
Sist endret 30. August 2011 13:30

Dear backgammon community in all countries, solar systems and galaxies. To my billions of followers all around, I am sorry that I have not given you a single report in almost 7 years. It has been been too long.

After I restored the balance of the dice together with my fellow friends at the Academy in the period 1999 – 2008, I did retire. I decided it was time for humanity to evolve without my interference. But I was wrong. Very wrong. Due to the latest Intel, this man has entered the solar system, Lord F:


Let there be no mistake. Don't let the puppy eyes fool you. He is a clear and present danger to the balance of the dice. I have therefore decided, and not for the sake of myself, but for the common good...to once again walk amongst you. I realized after lots of thinking, that you are quite helpless without me. You have absolutely no equity! So, since I am such a nice guy...and a Hero, I really have no choice in the matter. You could say that I am a slave to my own consciousness.

Due to present inactivity of the Jedi Academy, I am putting all forces back on alert status. I have reactivated the Jedi Trainee program where Tommy and Sondre at current time are drilled on positions originally originated from the dark side. It's important to teach them how to stand on the verge of extinction...and still fire back. The front line is not a pleasant place to be! To put my self back into old shape, which is not world class level, but JEDI level... I am presenting to earth the JEDI Challenge. There will be match challenges and money game challenges. The world as my opponent. The action can be followed on web page It's currently under development and might change appearance . There will be comments on interesting moments, both from me and my opponents. First contender Is Sondre Rike. 50 matches will be played out before he faces the inevitable. But despite defeat, it will be good practice for him. As you might understand, I am all about support. I like to help!

It will..., how ever, be interesting to see how Sondre copes facing Armageddon. The Jedi maneuvers, the manifestation of power...not to forget, the Jedi mind tricks. Will he embrace it? Will he understand it? Or will fear simply put him down? If he can learn...then there is hope for all, and dark Lord F will become invisible. Because deep down there is a Jedi in all of you... only not as good looking as me.

Now war is upon us. So I will make this real simple. Due to critical conditions in front of the Nations Challenge I will expand my authority. All major cities are now directly under Jedi jurisdiction. All unauthorized cube action and checker play will be investigated. Blunders are no longer an option, and any unidentified blots will be fired upon. I can not emphasize this enough. This is not a drill! I repeat...this is not a drill!

Death can be analyzed. But remember, it will be the last roll-out ...ever! And...it's just not me. It's not what I do! The final battle will take place in the Nation Challenge. My troops will be in place, the flanks will be covered, and most importantly...our enemies will be intimidated.

Because now...they are not just facing Norway anymore, but something far more ancient...something far more... alien.


1'st contact is unavoidable.

I have returned....